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Elevate Your Online Presence.

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Our professional photography services capture your brand's identity in the best possible light. Whether it's product photography, portraits, or action shots, our team has the experience and expertise to create visually stunning images that will make your brand stand out. Post-processing and editing services to further enhance the images is included.

Checking the news online


Studio 68 Productions offers website building services to help even the smallest businesses create a modernonline presence. We use various platforms such as Wix, Canva to create responsive and user-friendly website design that aligns with your brand. Alyssa will work directly with you to create a website tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Content Creation

Studio 68 Productions offers comprehensive content creation services to help small businesses build a strong online presence. Led by our designer and photographer Alyssa, we create engaging and high-quality visuals and campaigns that align with your brand. 


We're Dog People.

Welcome to Studio 68 Productions! We are Chris & Alyssa, and it's nice to meet you. We are part-time dog trainers in Indianapolis, and part-time performers.


Together with our 14 dogs and one cat, we travel the country performing for crowds in venues such as such as the NFL, NBA, theaters, zoos, state & county fairs, and live theater, and have been recognized through appearances on popular platforms like the Puppr app, viral TikTok videos, brand advertisements, news features, and even A&E's hit show "America's Top Dog."


Alongside our performances, we also operate We Speak Dog, a dog training service dedicated to providing much-needed dog training support, advice, education, and encouragement to local communities. Even while traveling, we utilize our platform to educate the public about dog health, safety, rescue, training, and proper dog interactions.


As professional performers, competitors, and social media personalities, we regularly have numerous opportunities to showcase brands to the public in new and creative ways. We are currently only weeks (or less) away from launching our new online production, World Dog News, which will not only report on recent dog-related events in the news, but also educate audiences and promote best practices in pet parenting.


We take great pride in the health, fitness, and well-being of our pets, and we strive to only promote products that we would use, or are using, on our own personal pets. We are always looking to connect with other companies and brands that share our values and passion for dogs.




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Custom Packages

At Studio 68, we offer custom package options tailored everyone's unique needs and goals. We work closely with you to create a package that fits your budget and helps you achieve desired results.

Whether it's a one-time project or an ongoing partnership, we provide personalized service and support. Let us help you navigate the digital landscape without breaking the bank.

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